New E-mail Login and Outlook Interface in our Staff's Service

Our mail server has been renewed with the mail server version upgrade work done within the IT Department. The Hitit Mail user interface has also been changed.

Upon completion of this and test runs, user accounts will be moved alphabetically according to future plans. All of our users will encounter a new interface at, and users who carry user accounts will be able to use the new Outlook interface. Users who have not moved the mailbox will continue to use the old (currently in use) Outlook interface.

The mail interface and the new Outlook interface images that will be updated in later work steps are as follows:

Mailboxes will not be subject to any interruptions other than the unforeseen short-term interruptions in the mail system of Hitit University and all of our users will be notified via e-mail or sms via the web page of the Hitit University homepage and the Computer Center website at the latest within one day It will be informed.

With this work done again, the mail quota of 2 GB has been increased to 3 GB and the additional file size has been increased to 25 MB.

All relevant laws, regulations and rules apply to use of Hitit University corporate mail accounts. The organization does not have any changes in the e-mail smtp, imap, pop3 mail settings and the required address information, and the related documents are available in the If there is any change in the situation of the betting, all the personnel will be informed via homepage and IT webpage, e-mail or sms.