Some Lessons with Distance Learning Ease For Our Students

Some elective and compulsory courses in associate degree and undergraduate programs in the framework of the decision taken by the University Senate are given through distance learning in the Hitit University Distance Education Center (HUZEM). Courses taught via distance education can be monitored on any web-based device (desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet) with internet connection, regardless of time and space. With the distance learning method, students can download the rich content materials (PDF, PowerPoint, mp4) via the web site and have the opportunity to repeat without limit. Students in this framework will be offered elective courses hereinbelow in associate degree and undergraduate programs in 2018-2019 Education Fall Semester

National Will and Democracy

Social Gender Equality

Turkish Language - I

Atatürks Principles and History of Turkish Revolution - I

Students may also take joint courses through structured training on request; if they demand it, they can get it through distance education without entering the time and space limitation. Students who prefer these courses through distance education are not required to attend. However, students who choose to take the course face-to-face through formal education have to attend classes.


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Deprem Destek Hattı
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