Turkish Language and Literature Master Program with Thesis Opened

As a result of the studies that have been carried out and the breakthroughs that have taken place at our university, significant improvements have been recorded in the short term. The alternatives presented to the students with newly opened departments and programs at associate degree, undergraduate and graduate levels are increasing day by day.

Today, when equipped human power is seen as the most important factor, our university continues its education and research activities with its associate degree programs to train qualified human resources as well as undergraduate and graduate departments / programs as well as researcher human resources and post graduate programs to raise academic staff for universities. In this context, the proposal we made to the Higher Education Council for the opening of the Masters Degree Program in Turkish Language and Literature within the scope of the Institute of Social Sciences of the University was accepted at the Higher Education Council Meeting dated 27.12.2017; thus, the number of undergraduate programs was eleven in 2011 and it reached 34 as of today. Our new program, which was launched this year, continues to work at full speed for first student admission.


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Deprem Destek Hattı
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