Biological Diversity Application and Research Center Opened in Our University

What is expected from the universities is to produce information and contribute to social refinement. The modern university concept is built on this basis. For this reason, the purpose of establishing universities and universities application and research centers is to identify social needs and problems and to produce solutions in this direction. Because, while the application and research centers are established in the universities, it is aimed that these centers provide solutions to the problems in the regions they are in. Practice and research centers, therefore, see a bridge between the university and the local community, making the boundaries between the university and the environment unclear.

In this context, our recent established center in our University is the Center for Biological Diversity Application and Research. Biodiversity is a collection of genes in a region, species carrying these genes, ecosystems that contain these species, and ecological processes linking them. In recent years, overpopulation has led to an increase in the needs of human beings, thus resulting in the loss of biological diversity. Significant steps have been taken to protect this biodiversity with visible destruction reaching this destruction. To this end, different protection strategies have been developed on a global scale and agreements have been signed to protect the biodiversity of which our country is a party.

With the Biological Diversity Application and Research Center published in the Official Gazette dated 16.05.2018 and numbered 30423, the number of application and research centers in our university reached to 18.

Click for the Regulation of our Biodiversity Application and Research Center.


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