"HİTU Children's University 2018" Activities Started

The activities of HITU Childrens University 2018 which was organized by our university for the third time this year started.

Each year, HITU Childrens University, which has reached to a wide range of education with the differences made in its content and a large number of teaching staff, was organized within the scope of TUBITAK 4004 Nature Education and Science Schools Program and this year the number of students increased to 100.

Within the program; 21 different activities such as Nano World Travel, Neighborhood Games, Color World of Experiments, Archeology Workshop, Wondering about Airplanes, Gymnastics, DNA School, World of Micros, Group Dynamics, Navigating in Nature, Singing Together, Having Fun, Introduction to Anatomy, Ceramic Workshop, Young Mathematicians, 3D Design Workshop, Electronic Robotics Workshop, Robots, Life in our lives, Practical English and Drama Workshop, Neuroimaging Techniques, Creative Art Workshop and Ebru Workshop will be held in our units and laboratories.

The Vice Rector Dr. Nurcan Baykam who made a speech at the Ethem Erkoç Conference Hall of Vocational School Campus said "The program provides practical scientific work opportunities and gives the holiday period a pleasant and productive experience. We are very pleased to welcome you in our University units. All of you are welcome. HİTU Childrens University presents children with the opportunity to participate in scientific activities, to provide opportunities for scientific work in the university environment, to make childrens future career choices more informed, to provide fun learning, to introduce what the university means to children, and making the University more popular with the community. "I wish you all to spend a HITU Childrens University program that will be efficient, enjoyable and then separated by beautiful memories."


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