Mission and Vision


The mission of Hitit University Faculty of Arts and Sciences is; to train entrepreneurial individuals who are questioning, researching, open to innovations, closely following current developments and innovations in the field; In recognition of the scientific mission of the new product differences, putting forth national and international level studies it is to become one of the best faculties in Turkey and around the world. Hitit University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, to cooperate with other units at national and international level who are experts in their fields to realize them; also aims to organize national and international joint projects, congresses, symposiums, conferences and all kinds of academic / scientific activities in related fields.


The vision of Hitit University Faculty of Arts and Sciences; To be a faculty based on analytical thinking, creativity and social awareness elements appropriate to the information age, directing the future in education and teaching and applying universal science principles.


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Deprem Destek Hattı
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