Quality Policy

As Faculty of Science and Letters, affiliated to the Hittite University founded on 17 March 2006, in Çorum, which is a strong province in the region, which is home to a deep-rooted civilization and in many areas in cultural, economic and academic areas:

- Follow and implement all current developments at local, regional, national and international level,

- We are in cooperation with stakeholders from all walks of life,

- The appropriate hardware infrastructure, expert and experienced instructors in the field, the qualifications required by the job aiming to prepare students under the best conditions with its administrative staff,

- Aiming to educate students, who are professional, professional, honest, entrepreneurial, innovative, prone to team work, open to self-improvement, proud of their faculty and profession,

- Can make concrete contributions to universal science and literature,

- We are committed to being a faculty that can keep up with the requirements of the age by updating and updating it.


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